and so the garden grows - Jessica Kosmack Photography

and so the garden grows

I was the first one there. The first one there outside of the important doctors and nurses and, of course, parents. But the first one there in that warm hospital room to welcome baby Violet into this beautiful world. 

This is my niece and her tiny little bird face had me wrapped around her calm, delicate self immediately. There is so much that happens with a rush in these moments. But after the rush, there is often calm and those first minutes after Violet's arrival were just that: slow, watching, resting.

My own baby sister is this beautiful baby's mother and watching these early moments unfold between them was a new kind of special. With a tight, nervous, wishful hold on their new daughter, I watched the new mom and dad grasp the insane reality that is becoming a parent: from nothing to everything. Right there in your arms.

Baby Violet, you will always be held close.

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