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low country love

Laura and I have been friends since we were in our mamas' bellies. We jokingly call it a forced friendship, but it's lasted nearly FOUR decades -- cities + countries apart, often going years without seeing each other. The kind of friendship that can endure lean years of contact...only to pick up exactly where you left off. The kind that has your kids calling her 'aunt Laura' even if they've only met her a handful of times. The kind that has you immediately replying 'YES!' on the reply card when you're invited south for this amazing girl's wedding.

And so, there we found ourselves in beautiful low country, Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina. A weekend where we rode bikes under the soaring Spanish moss. Where we lounged in our robes on the wide balcony overlooking the incredible Montage resort. Where we fĂȘted Laura and her Michael until the dark hours. Tears filling my eyes during the ceremony. Sunset drinks on the lawn. Dreamy candlelit dinner. Loud, happy, time-stopping music. S'mores on the lawn by campfires. Tumble into bed with sore feet and the promise of no alarm clocks.

Sunday morning was hot coffee with biscuits, porchin' at the bride and groom's cottage and a lazy drive back to Savannah for one last night before heading home. Love in low country. It was that kind of weekend. xo

  • The groom wears shades #torontophotographer #jesskosphoto #lowcountrywedding
  • Known this girl since birth and yet nothing could prepare me for the beauty of this day
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  • Remembering when the bride toasted s'mores at midnight in her wedding dress
  • It's Friday...hope you're lucky enough to be porchin' right now (like we were three weeks ago)... #lowcountrylife #torontoportraitphotographer #porchlife #montagemoments
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