she marches on - Jessica Kosmack Photography

she marches on

I went back and forth about whether to leave my little girl in blissful childhood innocence or use the unprecedented moment that was the Women's March on Washington (Toronto) as a great learning opportunity. Friday night over pizza, I listened to her ask us why Donald Trump won the election when she thought that Hillary was "supposed to win." That made the choice easy. We would march.

I told her we were going not just for women, but also for other groups who Trump had said not-so-nice things about. We were marching to show that we don't agree with that. That we want to live in a world where people are nice and respectful of others.

We felt like stars in the sky; small, powerful stars warmly lost in a universe of people so filled with love and hope it seemed to us that we lost all track of time. Many have their own version of this story. This is my version of that day and for me, it was a day for pictures. A day I will never forgot. And a day that is hopefully just the beginning. 

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