sweet little baby, hours old - Jessica Kosmack Photography

sweet little baby, hours old

Everyone I photograph becomes very personal work for me. Every family, every child, every couple. But I can't deny an exceptionally emotional feeling when that family, that tiny little person, that whole room is part of my own family.

With the birth of my sister's baby boy, we welcomed the newest little one into our clan. A boy (surprise!) who patiently waited until the busy holidays were past to carve out his place in this world.

The total tunnel vision focus that a newborn brings to a room is like nothing other. This little one peacefully allowed himself to be held, kissed, fed, cuddled. Quietly. Already seeming to know that he should soak up the love around him. A little sister who is suddenly so much of a bigger girl. Parents who feel the completeness of their family. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who lined up for their turn. I felt it in my fingers. Welcome, little one.

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