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the art studio

The public library system wins again. When I borrowed Barbara Rucci's Art Workshop for Children from the library, I thought I'd find some cool craft ideas for the kids. 

I did not anticipate a full on creative explosion -- from both me and the kids -- that would lead us to plan out a brand new art studio. With the man out of town for the weekend with the guys, the kids and I set to work -- carefully poring over the book's beautiful photographs to figure out the right set up for our space, what supplies we'd need and what we could reuse that we already had.

After a morning at the art supply store and feeling vindicated for storing all those vintage Mason jars all these years, we set to work filling the shelves with jars of colourful pompoms and pipe cleaners, baskets of markers and pencil crayons, stamps and stickers.

Strong inspiration is an amazing motivator and two days later our sweet little art studio was ready. The kids spent hours that first day painting and gluing and cutting and colouring. Together. Not fighting. Working side by side. That's great art -- and sibling love -- for the win.

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