the perfect pie - Jessica Kosmack Photography

the perfect pie

Every November, the small town of Warkworth holds the Perfect Pie Contest. Since we're fortunate enough to spend many of our weekends in an even smaller town nearby, we've made it an annual tradition to check out the more than 100 pies that get entered every year.

This year, joined by friends for the weekend, we entered five pies into the 37th annual contest. Stiff judging, standing room only and a live auction of the winning pies put us in the company of country greatness. None of us won in any of the more than dozen categories, but one of our crew received an honourable mention in the 'pumpkin' category - we were told this was BIG.

This year's winning 'Perfect Pie' -- a maple -- was auctioned off for $250 and we walked away with a sampling of the *other* pies. STUFFED. But we'll be back next year.

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