the stuff of rêves - Jessica Kosmack Photography

the stuff of rêves

About a year ago, a friend turned me onto the loveliest website and blog called Jane & Jury. Written by a couple who live with their family in Paris, Ontario, they write about the people, the small businesses, the hidden spots and the local events of their beautiful town.

Last summer, on a rare weekday with nothing else planned, the little girl and I hopped in the car and took off on a Jane & Jury-inspired day trip to visit some of those places that looked so special.

Coffees and treats at Wincey Mills, window shopping along Grand River St. over to the river itself, exploring the ruins of the very-hard-to-find German Woollen Mill and lunch at the counter at Brelu.

Most of us who write and photograph to put things out into the world do so with the hope that someone is inspired to do something great for themselves with what we've shared. So, to set out on a day of discovery based solely on the inspiring content of another pair of creative souls...that was also something special.

Paris, you are the stuff les rêves are made of.

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