you're home, eddie - Jessica Kosmack Photography

you're home, eddie

I wrote an earlier post when little Eddie was born, documenting his early hours in this world. It felt a bit like time slowed down during that first week. We all spent so much time lazily holding him in our arms, watching, resting. 

And then, as life does, everything just sped up again and here we are two months later and *little Eddie* is not so little anymore. Growing the way you absolutely want him to...but unable to stop time anymore. 

Taking time to write and share photographs from those first few days at home feels a little like I can wrap myself back in that cocoon where time slowed down. Where a baby lay swaddled on a bed as big as the Sahara; where a big sister lovingly/waringly/lovingly/waringly eyed up this new addition; where parents cuddled close with their completed family.

Little Eddie is also my nephew. And anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I hold the boys in my life close - maybe it's because I'm a girl myself and I know that girls can be strong. Boys remain a mystery to me. Like a code I've yet to crack. A hand I need to hold a little longer.

And so, sweet Eddie, let this be a letter to your homecoming. You're in good hands. 

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