About Me


I love memories. Old pictures. New pictures. All of it. I got my first REAL camera when I graduated high school about a million years ago and I’ve never looked back. Well, except that I always look back. Because as I said earlier, memories matter. And your life matters.

I want to you to see the everyday the way I see it. The plain stuff. For me, that’s the best stuff. Your living room on Saturday morning. Your favourite greasy diner for breakfast. Your everyday walk down the street for a gigantic coffee. Take me with you (I’ll even buy my own coffee!).

Saving, telling and preserving your memories — whatever those are — is what keeps me doing this. It’s taken me a long time to realize that what everyone else wants doesn’t have to be what I want. Or you. I lean towards the unplanned, seeking out the real life that is hiding behind perfectly posed faces, clinging to forced smiles. We won’t do that. I won’t do that. Finding the soul of my photography has been the greatest joy and also my deepest challenge, leading me to beautifully document the lightning-fast life that swirls around me. That is the gold that I mine every single day. Trust me to tell your story and the storyteller in me will shine bright like that gold. Oh, and I end up loving my clients like family so, don’t say you haven’t been warned.