About Me


What would you grab from your home if you had to leave in an instant? If it was me it would be the pictures. All the pictures. I love memories and I realized a long time ago that our personal, real, normal, smile-inducing memories are the things that matter. The things we would grab from our homes if we had to leave.

I am a real life family photographer based in Toronto and serving the GTA and Northumberland County. I capture the real, raw, unposed stories of your life: all the messy, muddy, ruddy moments that are your story. I photograph because I want you to want to remember your life — not a photo shoot.

I photograph because I want to see the everyday the way you see it. The plain stuff. That’s the best stuff. Your living room on Saturday morning. Your favourite greasy diner for breakfast. Your everyday walk down the street for yet another gigantic coffee.

Saving, telling and preserving your memories — whatever those are — is what I believe photography is all about. If you lean towards the unposed; towards the real life that hides behind perfectly posed faces, I think we might become fast friends.

Let’s document this lightning-fast life that swirls around you. That is the gold. Let’s search for that gold together.