The Grandparents return (finally!)

Airport reunion session | Toronto Real Life Family Photographer

If you want to tug at my heartstrings, reenact some sort of Love Actually-worthy airport reunion and you’ll have me wiping away the tears in no time. My parents spent an incredible three months away in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific earlier this year and while we were all thrilled for them, they certainly left a hole in our lives while they were gone.

To celebrate their return (and remind them of the peace and quiet they enjoyed while away), my sister and I (with four of their grand kids in tow), surprised them at Toronto Pearson International Airport’s Arrivals gate and gave them their own reasons to wipe away some tears of joy.

Why don’t more people do sessions at airports? Because it’s true, people, it’s SO TRUE: at airports at least, love really IS all around ;)

Have an upcoming airport reunion (or goodbye) you don’t want to forgot? let’s chat!