we live this city

One of my favourite songs is Chicago's 'Saturday in the Park'. It reminds me of a time I've imagined to be real. Of summer evenings. Orange sunsets. Sitting on stoops. Of wondering what to do next. This whole session with this wonderful family felt like what I imagine that laid back sound to feel like -- an island of calm in the heart of the busy city.

With doting parents in tow, the morning really revolved around the sweetest little boy and his colourful nursery, his love of reading and the bright sun at the park down the street. 

There's a special feeling when you photograph a family with their first child. Like the novelty hasn't quite worn off. Or the rest of the world doesn't matter anymore. At least for right now.

And so, on this warm, slow morning, with the soundtrack to a slower time playing in my mind, we stopped the clocks for a little bit, out there on the blanket in the park.