wee baby Gus

Julie is a dear friend and we've all been waiting for baby Gus to arrive for quite some time. So when he finally did show up -- like a bullet train -- a couple weeks early, we all rushed to have our time with the rare being that is a newborn baby.

Gus -- or Augustus for those of you who take your babies more seriously -- is a dream. Squishy, snoozy, squinty. Chilling his way through his days in his cool, bright, beautiful home.

My own little guy came along to keep Gus' big brother busy and so, surrounded by sweet boys, Julie and I managed to find a perfect hour of coffee + chat time. (I snuck in some snuggle-with-Gus time too.)

Babies are fleeting and I'm always thankful when I get to spend even a couple of hours with a days-old little one. There's nothing else like it and even though it seems like the most life-changing part of bringing a new person home -- it's also often the one time where time gets lost, forgotten. Nothing else matters. The simple stuff. Vibes that, if available, I welcome wholeheartedly into my own life.  

Welcome, wee one.